Donor Stories

Tim and Mary Frances Jeffries

Faith communities are an important part of life at Duke, so Tim M.B.A.’03 and Mary Frances P’19 Jeffries invested $250,000 to ensure that the Duke Catholic Center (DCC) has the resources to support any student who walks through its doors. Their $100,000 gift established the Jeffries Family Endowment and a $100,000 bequest will ensure its future strength. An additional $50,000 provided unrestricted operating funds for the DCC’s present-day needs. It is important to the family that the necessary staff and facilities are in place to support weekly services, dinners, retreats, and interfaith activities, as well as occasional visitors in need of a priest or other assistance.

“It is with thanksgiving, joy, and love that we invest in the Duke Catholic Center and their transcendent work. It is with humility and gratitude that we honor the Duke family’s saintly commitment to the eternal link between faith and reason, and scholastic efforts that advance the common good.”